Are you using your mind, or is it using you?

Your mind is a wonderful tool, is it not that you use it wrongly – you usually don’t use it at all – it uses you.

Above is one of the main reason why:

we personally can life some kind of ‘un-ease’ or ‘un PEACE’ during our live.

political decisions, like BREXIT can have an unpleasant outcome with a high price to pay to.

companies can have impacts to solve


If thoughts are managed by our ego mind we are not achieving our own goals.  The first Article will be on behalf on this.

Just like Martin Luther King’s quote said “I have a Dream”

I have a dream too, I would like that as many people as ever possible can live in PEACE. Therefore I studied and still read and listen to do all I can find about the subject. I found many interesting things that could help here, for the single person and his/her inner peace as well as groups, countries …

We have created a separate Page, even so peace is already part of the subjects (leaves of the Daisy) mentioned to feel well, as this shall be MY very specific contribution. Here I want to share all my understandings which will be explained step by step, about what’s going on in our lives. To make us ready for Peace.

Maybe you could participate, with your feedback or questions. So I’ll have the chance to explain myself better or review what I thought it was good as is.

Solutions and Suggestions

See the Blog for publications with the header PEACE. I will suggest all related to this subject. Such as books, videos, but mainly share reflections to make you come closer and help me creating and maintaining Peace in your World and bring the approach to the entire World too.

There is not only kindness and non violent communication … but there is much more to it.

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