My Mission

My name is Lydia Eichiner and I want to share with you my gratitude towards all the possibilities of life – the lessons to be learned, both positive and negative – that have made me the person I am.
Where does my Mission come from:
I love to enjoy life, to feel well, like everybody else does, but this wellbeing can never be total if I know that thousands of people are living in war, that many thousands of people die every day of hunger, others suffer from depression … you know what I mean.
I wish for mankind to live in a state of wellbeing,’feelwell’. Both as individuals and as a whole. It pleases me to know that there are plenty of people out there who work actively towards fulfilling this same wish.
This website has been created because I want to highlight that there is not only bad in the world – such bad things we hear every day in the news!  There are also many, many people who already have done something good, to help us feel better. Each of them on a specific subject and/or in a specific way.
Much has been written on this topic and I want to contribute my own personal message by creating this entry point. An indication of ways to help people achieve their/YOUR own wellbeing, as well as getting YOU to give YOUR best to humanity too.
So the scope of this website is to connect and create a critical mass, not only by indicating ways to succeed but, more so, to stimulate you to participate in this effort to “make the world a better place”.
Each person has something to share, some way to help achieve our goal. We need lots of people to join together to convince big decision-makers that they have the critical mass behind them so that they can take decisions towards attaining this goal of wellbeing for our world, even if these decisions may seem controversial at the time.
What I want you to know is that out there in the world are so many people who already give whatever they have to give to the world. And this is good news!
Furthermore these contacts can/shall be a kind of stimulation to find examples; examples which could fit with you somehow and help you to find your own way to participate in the higher scope of bringing wellbeing to yourself and other human beings.
Be part of “us” and let “us” know! Whether you do something for one individual or for thousands, good deeds will always multiply. And being a good example is an additional goal. What is important is that you give your own individual best effort, your values, your “scope of life” to the world!
All this not only about bringing happiness to the lives of others, this will bring happiness to you as well. We know by experience how satisfactory this can be! The daisy shall be a little symbol of all that human beings have – including you – helped achieve well being. The body, first, the way it develops, the way it performs, the way it heals from illness, its ability to walk, to talk, to see, to hear, to listen, to breathe; the environment to provide us with our needs; relations to give us security and the scope to develop our abilities; emotions to feel; the mind to elaborate and learn …
Each time I learn something new it makes me happy. I just love to share all this, to aim for our scope : We all have the opportunity to ‘make this world a better place’-,

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