To ‘Feel Well’ we all need to take care of:

ENVIRONMENT – Human beings live in this world and need to keep it alive

Human beings need this globe to survive

Human beings need this globe to learn from nature and its diversity

Human beings need this globe to see its beautiful environment, for our eyes and our soul


Use your creativity to find solutions:

Grow and maintain

woods & plants also for our own needs

– FOOD to nurture us and animals

– AIR to gain more oxygen and to filter


Avoid Pollution:

  • To have clean AIR, good WATER, little NOICE, LIGHT and DARKNESS (we need to have dark moments to sleep, relax and see the stars in the sky)
  • use natural local products (‘0 km’) – to avoid all the traffic with lorries avoiding useless pollution,

Ecological Productions 

0 impact   – living, travelling …


  • To avoid the islands of plastic in the oceans, which is terrible not only for fishes but also for us.
  • we have lots of rubbish, some terribly toxic find ways to have
    Protect Nature:
  • Animals and plants and their diversity as well as HUMAN BEINGS and their cultural diversity to learn and learn especially to have no WAR.

We need to learn to RESPECT this very singular planet and the life on it!

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