EMOTION – Psychology

To ‘Feel Well we all need some kind of understanding of our

Emotional needs

Importance  <—>  Union, Love

  • We need to be important, to be ‘someone’ to be recognized as “…”, but we also do need to feel part of someone and be loved.

Safety and comfort  <—>  Emotions and variety

  • We need safety & comfort mainly to be able to relax. Weneed also emotions that come from activity and variety, not only routine, which could get boring and demotivating


  • We feel much better when we have access to information and gain knowledge, make and integrate experience to help or recognition, our understandings of human live and what we are going through. Growth makes life easier as we do not feel alone with our emotions and we also can avoid falling in situations by recognizing them before head. See also the tab ‘MIND’.


  • At sometimes we experience the need of greater sense in life. Some look for religion while others learn how they can be useful in a specific subject where they can contribute; contribute to helping ‘feel well’.

Be careful of too many EMOTIONS such as fear, anger, depression and others. Avoiding too much suffering is one of our aims. To ‘feel well’, we can develop a certain EMOTIONAL MATURITY**. Emotions are very important in the human experience. Instead of trying to avoid emotion, we should rather observe them for what they are, and not let them control us.

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** New E-book to be published soon

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