SPIRIT – Spirituality

To ‘Feel Well we all need to find our
World view, and find our way through Art or Religion versus Spirituality

There are moments in life where we are look for a greater meaning – the sense of life, a world view, something we can believe in.

The sense of our lives could be enough that we feel that our life is useful, at least for someone. This can be something basic, like – in the beginning of mankind – collecting food, nowadays shopping for the family.

Being creative through handicrafts or inventing something new, can also give a meaning to life. As we go ahead with our creativity, we develop. Appreciation of the specific expressions of various arts; paintings, photos, or films, music or reading or writing books or listening to music gives emotions and meaning to life. Contemplation of all kinds of creations (human or natural) and achieving resonance with the creation, gives sense to life.

New ideas, new perceptions, and – for some – creation of scientific inventions (see tab ‘Mind’) all can bring meaning to life.

Sometimes we need more, something bigger than what humans do and create, something more than what we can think of and adapt to … we need to believe in something higher.  Some call it God, or universe, or the divine – there are many more names for ‘it’. Often we grow up with the religion of our parents, yet there are times we question “the sense of all this”, or “what is the one sense of life”. Many then turn to the religion they know or follow a new one, some find the solution in working hard, some by seeking money / richness, some by helping others, and some through the natural world.

Whether you are creative, make yoga or pray or meditate or contemplate and find (or not) your own way to express you spirituality is not from high importance, as long as your solution to life gives you the energy, the power to live and possibly enjoy this life, we have in our hands.

Often As it is not enough that my family and I are fine. The knowledge that there is war or abuse or depression or other worldly ills around us keeps us from really ‘feeling well’.

So many of us simply believe and try to develop a ‘higher intelligence’, which brings to a higher good not only to ourselves, but to humanity. In other words, not only an individual ‘feeling well’, but a collective ‘feel well’!

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