To ‘Feel Well we all need to be with others.
The Individual in relationship to others

Relationships nurture us in a way that we are ‘someone’ for somebody. We are listened to and learn to listen to. We have feelings and reactions by meeting others whether it is a dreamed of SOULEMATES or a

Boyfriend or girlfriend,  a Husband or a wife, Relatives or parents,

Friends or coworkers or colleges . . .

Associations and their representatives and members

Countries and politicians as well as citizens

Organizations of all kind of types

        we need relate to as:

  • we could find love, or get affection, even in our imperfection. We are imperfect and we learn to love other imperfect human beings.
  • we could share our learning.
  • we could recognize who we are by mirroring ourselves with others through other people’s reactions.
  • we can play together, have fun together, give and receive.
  • we can ‘working together’ we can offer our capabilities and achieve more, and we can be part of a group (team) and get more security (T E A M = Together Each Achieves More)
  • To support the ‘well being’ of the individual Human, we need relationships

Here the Win/Win Question. My decision causes a result …

  • The result is good for me, and for others too?
  • The result is good for me, but not for others?
  • The result is good for others, but not for me?
  • The result is neither good for me nor for others?

Use them these questions to identify, and help you decide …


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