MIND – Knowledge

To ‘Feel Well’ we all need to satisfy our
Need to know and to understand

Babies need to ‘experience’ to gather “knowledge”, they elaborate and integrate this knowledge in their experience; they learn to grab something, learn to smile, to move forward, walk, talk and so on.

We adults can learn also by gathering knowledge, in this way we have all the information available to do things in an easy or right manner. Knowledge is essential also for survival; for example in situations like political change. If we know about similar situations in history we can compare and beware.  If we know about things that can happen, if you for example come in contact with electricity, then we can watch out. Knowledge helps us to be aware of danger to give us ideas of solutions. It gives us part of the added value of a team, as we can learn from other peoples experience too.

In case of danger and not only, also to get new ideas, to build on existing, to see the world with different eyes (Point of view), or simply for excitement, by knowing all the physical and chemical things happening in our body, or how television works or, or about any of the wonderful things going on in the world we live in.

Get information and try to understand!


Written or unwritten, social or organizational, find out if you agree with this rules; reading the Constitution of an Association, enables us to decide to be part of it or not.

  • Arts / Handcrafts / Capabilities

Maybe we can get an expert in some of these and offer this capability to the world; maybe make a living from it.

  • Well being / Health / Medicine

Get informed, not only to survive, but also to widen our view.

  • Religions

We can read about many Religions, to understand differences; this grows our understanding.

  • Philosophy

There are many different philosophical point of view and we can compare these and check them against our own ideas/believes of the world, and maybe renew them.

  • Politics

We can get informed or participate in politics; know about Human rights and Human duties,  about something like the constitutions of country or countries, which have been written by people who wanted to make this world a better place. Read them too (look at our links)

  • Ecology & Economy

We learn about ecology & economy, these could be vital for us to decide where we want to be, as money, even if it is only a media, has a major role in our lives. Maybe find some good ideas, like valuing success in a different manner (look at our links).

  • Science

Try to understand something about science … there is so much more to know and all this can help us to find the nearest subject to our ‘specific way of being‘. Also if it is only for our personal growth, your understanding is important too.  It will makes you take ‘human’ decisions.

  Lucky us, we can read and therefore learn from more different sources, using our brain to keep it going, become aware and to find our specific way to be from ‘use’ for us, our family, for all human beings, collectively or individually as well as for this world. In other words participate in your specific way.

“I do not know if life has a meaning, but I can give my life one!”

Each time I understanding another/different matter it makes me ‘feel well’ and therefore make me live better!

I am always excited about knowledge, especially on subjects giving us HUMAN GROWTH

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