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We are physical beings here in this material world, with a physical body, therefore we have physical needs and must take care of our bodies.  The body comes first!

  • Good Airour first need is breath, we need oxygen, from the first moment of our birth.
  • Good Water we are made with a high percentage of water and perspired water has to be reintegrated daily to enable our bodies to create healthy replacement cells.
  • Good Nutrition we need food not only to give us energy, together with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat, microelements and carbohydrates.
  • Right Movement – Contraction and tension, (gym / sports) of our muscles keep us flexible and fit, they also help us to introduce more oxygen in our vains to bring it all over our body.

completed with

  • Sleep and Relaxation – our body needs time to recover energy, to get power back, for the following day and, moreover, we need sleep and relaxation to integrate what we learn (see the Feldenkreis Method) and give our brain the chance to elaborate, to understand what we have experienced during the day.
  • Security and Peacevery important for us, to enable us to relax and to avoid unhealthy living conditions and, last but not least, to survive.
  • Health and Beautywithout health we will have to concentrate too much on our issues (and if it is only toothache). Even if we can get used to most kinds of handicap, we shall strive always for the ‘best possible’ physical wellness and beauty, yes beauty (for example washing and combing our hair), this not to impress, but mainly for our own grace. Grace can help us to be at our best.

Who could say it better? :  “Beauty will save the world”  Fedor Dostoevskij

This sounds fairly easy, but it’s not. The body is very complex; and marvelous too.

To find ideas and some solutions for physical needs, look up our collection of links and the tab ‘environment’. Without a sane environment we cannot satisfy our physical needs.                                                                        The body is our tool for this life and it should be treated well, like our own personal temple.

 *Look at links for more info

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