INTEGRAL 1 – Human Development Levels

Despite the fact that some of my ‘international’ friends hate the word Integrate (because it is often used unilaterally – foreigners must integrate into the host system; even if this sounds logical, it is also restrictive. We can all learn from each other.     I adore this word even more, since I know the work of Ken Wilber (see blog under CONTRIBUTION )

Integrating the levels of human development: Understanding as a goal, but even better, ‘Comprehension’ has become a word of mine, now I see it only a beginning for my purpose for ‘Peace knowledge’.

Ken Wilber has studied many authors of human development (for example.the famos Pyramide of Maslow and many more) then he created an ‘integrated’ version. This is only one of the maps he created:

What has PEACE to do with it?  Wilber identified that during the first 6 levels (before we can see the complete version and needs of all of these levels) we cannot understand why others do not see what we can see and therefore we want to change OTHERS. This is the base for argue.

The Integrative holistic secondtier level is the first level of Human development in which we are ready to integrate all previous stages!

Integrate and therefore understand the usefulness of each of the previous development levels too. The first time that consciousness can bring a wholeness to the world.

All Human beings and all development levels of them integrated, bring wholeness to the world and gives a possibility to STOP the culture of war. Therefor it is very useful to have mankind to learn about this possibility. We can go only for goals we know, no others. We can identify goals when we know in which direction to look. That is why I write about this.

As you integrate all previous levels, one can start to understand and therefore be comprehensive versus someone in a lover level. Like with kids, if we know about the development of the Abstract mind* it is clear why they do not understand what we want from them, if it is not developed yet. It is useless to shout at the kid, it could be more helpful to tell a story to gain a possibility to get certain information.

For example the story of Santa Klaus (even if there is the trues about the life of the Bishop Nicolaus, who liked kids and always had nuts and apples for them), it is helpful to learn that he comes always only on one specific day of the year, we are going to learn to have patience and wait full of hope for the specific day and that he brings something because we are good (even if we do sometimes something wrong – he might know about forgiving too) … see next blog on Integration too.

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