Shadow work

Ego is the biggest enemy of humans   Rig Veda

I do agree, however we need our Ego mind to survive in this human live and for all the activities we need to be done automatically. But …

Remember Einstein and his quote about the faithful Servant celebrated. However Servants need clear instructions, to know how to please us ;-).

To be able to give clear instructions we must listen consciously to all our thoughts, all these thought who pass by, through our mind. We need to remember they all have come from past instructions. Not only given by us, but many other ‘authorities’ such as parents, teachers, church … but also things heard (or seen) somewhere have helped creating all the believe which pop up in circumstances where they are somehow connected with. But remember always they have past time instructions and it is our business to keep them up-date to a convenience, for our new way to see our lives and for our goals too.

Never forget. Your past experiences do not have to define your future. You have the power to change! You can develop the inner strength you need to overcome anything.

Question yourself:

How do you let your mind think?

Do you let it think terrible, negative things?

Do you let it complain and judge?

Do you let it put you down?

Your mind is like a child.

It needs supervision.

It tends toward self-criticism.

It tends toward excuses.

But when you let it know that you’re watching. When you let it know what’s acceptable.

It will listen.

If you’re consistent with your expectations.

It will comply.

You can train your brain to think the way you want it to. You can teach it to think kind thoughts about you. You can teach it to focus on what you want.

Don’t let it be unsupervised.

Watch it!!!

To do this we need to be very aware of our thoughts in any moment. Be Present!

Only in the present moment we can implement change. This requires exercise. Remember you are not your thoughts, they are created only previous ‘installed’ believes which have to be revised from time to time.

There are thousands of books about our unconscious mind.

Here I mention

  • one very practical ‘The Work’ written by Byron Katie (this is her contribution for us) and
  • one more poetical helping us to understand the importance of our unconscious mind though ‘pictures’ of the poems.

Shadow work is so important and this not only for yourself, but for the whole human development too. (Ken Wilber)

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