Why did I take this path?

My passion for human being has led me to specialize and deepen my rehabilitation studies. The search for psycho-physical well-being is one of the goals that I set for myself when a patient comes to me for the first time. An obsessive attention to the details of everyday life are an incentive to work at their best.

The daily update in the medical field serves me to guarantee the individual the achievement of well-being in the shortest possible time.

Human being is a machine that must be able to move in space. He just needs help to work and restart.



my name is Umberto Pettenon and I’ll tell you a short story about me, my job and my hobbies.

In the past i wanted to sign up in the physiotherapy university, but one friend doctor has convinced me to sign up like future osteopath. Osteopathy is more complete and I had to study more I think…but it was the perfect choice for my future.

I know perfectly that osteopathy is not a so common job yet, so I’ll try to explain it easily.

People call me and book their first visit when they have some kind of pain, curiosity or something to ask me. They have pains like: low back pain, headache, dizziness, or a lot of different symptoms.

I analyze their body after a lot of questions and I usually find the cause about their pain. I love my job because I can meet different people, with different stories and different problems to solve. I don’t find the symptom…everyone can do this. I find the cause, and I help solving the problem.

I also love every kind of sport, I can’t miss time to stay relaxed on a couch. We have just one life and I think that we have to live it completely.

I work in different places. The first one is of course my personal office where I visit most of my clients, I have also a small office in a fitness club and I like collaborating with different health people: personal trainer, dentist, physiotherapy…Don’t worry, I know I am not God, but I learn every day more.

I believe and hope I woke some interest in you, for this my profession. For more you can have a look at my website above.

Have a good life!!!

Umberto Pettenon D.O, MSc, MROI

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