BELIEVES, coming from all kind of sources, from our parents or other relatives, school, TV, Network and of course also our own words and thoughts … are commands to the unconscious mind to make them become true:

Belief as mentioned in EGO Mind 2 to be confirmed that ‘I am right’. Without realizing we are guided by them, even though we know nothing about them. Beliefs and decisions taken when we were in infancy … kept sometimes for the rest of our life. They do nothing else than repeat the same thing from our story; maybe even coming from a chain of ancestors.

If we develop our abilities really, we will have intuitions of synchronicity in life, and problems could go away, because we are very very intelligent :-).

I order the executive mind to render what I say to confirm this belief; to create self-realizing believes.

The subject has been highlighted, in times of Freud, talking about the ‘Language of our dreams’ which are visions and symbols.

Repeat the same thing. Unbelievable how easy we can swallow these things. Synchronicity. Even so we are very intelligent, we are very, very proud and all this is food for our EGO Mind

Here we come back to what we stated in EGO Mind 1 PEACE: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.      Einstein

That’s the area where we shall start to work on ourselves! We, one by one, are anyway the only one we can really change. Change, to avoid being stuck in our history, our made up stories. This to make our decisions being aware of what we really want and take advantage of our ‘gift’, given to us. We shall know about our subconscious mind (Ego mind is working for our inputs given). KNOW YOURSELF, as already the old Greeks recommended this, so:

Start to:

  • Remember and understand the Symbols of your Dreams (Freud’s contribution and many more), as this is a contact to our subconscious mind (Einstein’s faithful servant)
  • Being conscious, be aware of thoughts passing by your mind (about 60000 thoughts a day)

Much more to that in suggestions for SHADOW WORK  … to follow.

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