To remember EGO MIND 1, we spoke about the sentence the Ego mind repeats to us all the time. Here is one of these sentences:

My very personal sentence, which my Ego mind played for me many times, it was:

‘Nobody understands me’, and like any good servant the Ego Mind says ‘You see, you see, you are right’ and it made me create situation to assure, to continuo believing in it.

For example:

I started to explain myself very quickly and badly,

I did not insist if I did not want to do a thing and therefore was forced to do it whatever was convenient for someone else

I answered very synthetically.

This in many situations, where created to confirm what I believed as true and my EGO Mind ‘NOBODY understands me’ repeated to me.

I even transferred myself to another country and there with the cultural difference and the language change as well as a matter of facts, made my phrase come true. I was often confirmed that nobody understands me. So I was right and my Ego confirmed. 

Until I found out! It was with an on line training for Women. They made a lot of quick to answer questions and I started to remember the day, with age of three years, as my sister told me “I will never ever play with you again, as nobody can ever understand you’. I was emotionally touched and even so I understood the phrase, I did not understand the context. In that specific age, this would not have been possible. Also my sister was still little, and she could never get a turn with me as with tree years I was not really good in humming. We had to go early to bed and where not tired, so we played humming.

So I am not blaming here, just explaining how it came to the phrase I had in my head for 35 Years.

One of the first times I remember I had confirmation that nobody understands me was with my Mother. She wanted to make a photo with us kids and the Grand Grandparents. I did not want to stay there with my Grand grandfather (he smelled strangely) but my mother was pushing me with her leg to stay there.

Here the photo; you can tell that I did not want to stay there. You can see also a part of the dress of my mother keeping me there. She really did not understand me. For her I was just a troublemaker in that moment. She was a really lovely woman so.

After all that I still hear sometimes the sentence, but recognize it immediately and learned how to slow down talking, give more effort to, learn the language better …  try to explain things in a more efficient way to make sure one can understand..

As soon as I understood this I stopped talking to quick, to be inexact so that people could no follow me and learned the language better to be sure to make myself very well understood.

Sometimes also today I am not understood, but I pay attention now and most people understand what I am saying today.

As the EGO Mind has the very important task to make us taking quick decisions or to act in the ‘RIGHT’ or in the direction given, just the way we gave or received believed instruction.

All the things you think all the time is PROGRAMMING the servant, or better the BRAIN to help you do things quickly and/or automatically.

It saves live with the Ipotalamo, the Reptilian Brain, to make you RUN, HIDE/Freeze or ATTACK in dangerous situations (if a lion comes, or a car is passing by quickly). And this can be really live saving. It makes you do everything to make you feel you are right!

Your servant works for the BETTER or for the WORST, depends on the programming it has received.

Luckily we can change the instructions given, in case we do not like the way the job is done, by giving NEW INSTRUCTIONS.

Please help me in doing this also here. In case my written information is not understandable, let me know by your ‘constructive’ critics. I will be grateful for that.

What has all this to do with PEACE?

Well, Peace (and war) are created and maintained by Human beings, able to think about a collective live and knowing that we are all sitting in the same boat. We all have an EGO MIND, who wants to survive.

Is it a Politician who needs confirmation for their EGO a confirmation that he is great i.e. and requires a Referendum, on the already negotiated and achieved advantages to avoid a BREXIT, expecting that people said he is good, he made it! We stay in Europe! But he did not think about the forgetfulness of people and the (manipulated or not) masses moving to somebody else’s interest (Ego).

The price:

Politics: The Government, Parliaments. All this people’s effort and time wasted. Could n’t we have worked on a better EUROPE, instead? Instead of finding out how to get out UE and become smaller. Easy to ‘integrate’, with whom? Who is better to Unite with then your natural neighbors?

Or the Journalists who need to make spectaculars information to become famous for their EGO’ needs, and do not give the real/complete facts with influenced information, or with tones or half trues or worse.

Or all the unhappy couples, ready for divorce. Helpless with their EGO’s messages. I am for collaboration and for kids having a home. Don’t understand me wrong, I am for the law of divorce! But not for all this useless separations, where we repeat the same errors with the next partner, because we haven’t really learned a thing.

Even all the people being worried about anything, for example losing their jobs, or about the foreigners (they could steal their job for less) or whatever. To avoid their fear, or foreigners to come, they give their votes to a party who promises security and hires another 100’000 soldiers/policemen etc. However in history (not so far away) this is not always an advantage for the people who voted them (Hitler, Arabian Spring, Trumph …). I know it is difficult to have the right information about the people we vote.

No judgement here, I just like you to think about all this.

We will talk in future about Shadow work or the unconsciously installed phrases we have in mind to recognize and to overwrite.

So long

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