Let’s start with the first Article on the so called EGO MIND*:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.      Einstein

The Ego Mind helps me/us to survive. Which is good as living this Human experience is worthwhile to live.

The Ego Mind is ‘programmed’ by the history:

1) Human development,our hypothalamic Brain, with its suggestion to run, to attack or to freeze in case of dancer.

2) Instructions of our cultural environment and/or our Family Story given,andmainly unconsciously received.

3) Instructions given, consciously or non consciously, by authority

The unconscious Mind is often called also shadow**.

Important Instructions are important whenever we have to:

take quick decisions, in case of danger or whenever we have to do things very quickly, without thinking too much about it.

influence you, to pass on experience and culture and behavioral requests/needs in a certain context.

do easy tasks, learned to do them almost automatically.

– consciously new given Instructions and overwritten instructions

For example when we learn:

to write and to read. This takes quite a while (instruction and repetition), later we do it without thinking much about it. Maybe some little corrections here and there …

to ride a bike In the beginning we are very fragile, our body has to take confidence (repetition) on the fact that while we move the bike it goes straight ahead and not as usually, if you let go the bike it would fall down. We do not think about the physical law of gravity, when we learn it. But it works, even if we for a long time do not ride a bike, we still have the ability to do it; after a short worry, maybe.

to drive a car, in the beginning we have to think about all this things to do: press the cladch to change the gear, look at the road, follow with the weal the road … After a short time of repetition, we’ve got it! We can think about other things while we drive, just don’t forget to watch where we have to go, that’s it.

Another very common thing with

Instructions given by authorities (like Mam, Dad, Teachers, Grandparents or yourself.) who give us instructions or message on what we have to do, who we are and how we are:

‘Wash your hands before eating’ … every day

‘You are great’ or ‘You are beautiful’ and so on.

‘You are stupid’ or ‘You never learn …’, ‘you are not good in mathematics’ ‘Girls (boys) don’t do that’ or anything else !!!…

Anything they say, or do, like not looking at you, we get it and by emotions or by time, we start to believe it!


It will create a voice repeating the given instructions to us; on and on

If we are in the state to understand or not (then we have our own interpretations of it) we start to believe it. This messages are often unconsciously received. The unconscious mind gives us our unconscious messages back during all our lives. For the positive and for the negative, it could be helpful or not, anyway it will keep you in the past.

If things are told in a critical moment, or you are emotionally involved and/or you are told very often, you start to believe the version in the way you understood it.

You might to learn to do some errors, and more and more loose interest and pay less attention. This believe will confirm that what you understood. ‘Self-full-filling’

Our ‘serving’ Mind will help us to confirm us whatever we believe and we tend to repeat and repeat moments to confirm to ‘be right’ with what we believe.

Common believes are: ‘I am not enough’ or ‘I am stupid’ or ‘Nobody loves me’ or ‘I am pretty, and do not have to study and get it anyway’ and so on …

Our EGO Mind in service, is like many ‘good’ servants and say ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Yes Madam’ or ‘you are right, you really are …’   

This makes us feel wonderful or at least right.

We love that and keep our servant in the place of power (see the above quote of Einstein)

                                                  … more to follow

*The Ego Mind is our servant to our personal (ego) human life.

**Shadow is only mention here but some ideas about ‘Shadow work’ will be given later

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