Shadow work

Ego is the biggest enemy of humans   Rig Veda I do agree, however we need our Ego mind to survive in this human live and for all the activities we… Read more


Why did I take this path? My passion for human being has led me to specialize and deepen my rehabilitation studies. The search for psycho-physical well-being is one of the… Read more


BELIEVES, coming from all kind of sources, from our parents or other relatives, school, TV, Network and of course also our own words and thoughts … are commands to the… Read more

Petal Environment

I love solutions: Ideas of solutions, Test of this Ideas and then the Action to solve something or impact by a change to make things go better. One of the… Read more


To remember EGO MIND 1, we spoke about the sentence the Ego mind repeats to us all the time. Here is one of these sentences: My very personal sentence, which… Read more


Let’s start with the first Article on the so called EGO MIND*: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created… Read more

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